Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 2: August 31-September 4: Nature of Fairy Tales

Tuesday: Form, Function and Structure of Fairy Tales
The Complete Fairy Tales, “Brier Rose,” pp. 171-174
 Lüthi: Once Upon a Time, Chapter 1, pp. 21-34
Report 1: Zipes, The Brothers Grimm, Chapter 9, pp. 207-229

Wednesday: Evening Film: Sleeping Beauty by Disney

Thursday: Discussion of Film and Tale - Folk and Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends
Read: Lüthi: Once Upon a Time, Chapters 2-3, pp. 35-57
Report 2: Bruno Bettelheim, “The Sleeping Beauty” In: The Uses of Enchantment, pp. 225-236. On reserve in Hoover Library.
Blog Entry 2: Develop a one-page working definition of a fairy tale based on class discussions, stories and other articles we have read in class.  Blog is due by Sunday, September 6.

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